February 13, 2013

Kiddos Valentines

I feel like everytime I start a blog, I have to go back and let everyone know that all is fine with the us!  I am just too busy to get on here.  I am continuint with one project after another so I might even get multiple posts done today (Yes, you should be amazed!)

So first thing first!  The kiddos' classroom Valentines!  Sorry for the bad pictures - boy am i ready for a phone upgrade - GRRR!!! That's a whole other can of worms....

Okay - these are all Pinterest's ideas... I take no credit!  I tried to pick things that my kids were into and honestly not spend $$ on silly paper Valentines with Micky Mouse and Barbie on them (sorry - no offense to either of them - I am just not a commercialized person)  :) 

Princess Danison...
Just designed the heart, printed them, glued them on pink cardstock, used some fun sissors, and stuck a pencil through them.  I did get the pencils at Oriental Trading post.  I think I got 50 pencils for around $11 and then of course there was with shipping.  (The pencils are stacking lead pencils from back in the day....They have obviously either come back around or stayed an cool thing for 1st graders)


 Mr. Cale...
Again, just whipped up the lil cover page.   On this I did make it a 4x6 page and then just made the design on the bottom 2 inches (so the design is 2x6).  We got cheap lil Kroger snack baggies and Dollar tree cars (3 cars a package for $1).  Cale had a hard time giving these cars up!  Like he doesn't have 6 million of his own!
For Our Teachers...

Came up with the little design, printed it up, cut it out, hole punch, a bottle of soap and lil bit of tulle!  That's it!!!  Soft soap was $1 at Dollar Tree...Tulle was left over from a craftying project.
So that's my post....Have a great day!

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