December 13, 2012

We are still alive.....

Yes we are still alive!!!  Things have been crazy.  We've had something to do almost every night and seems like we've been traveling every weekend!  I am definitely ready for the holiday season to be over with.

For those of you haven't been near me in the last 33 years, you might not know but I DISLIKE CHRISTMAS.  I am not sure if this comes from the sad memories of the season, or the fact that I feel it's extremely commercialized.  Don't get me wrong...I do like getting people presents.  I like to make people smile - kind of a people pleaser in that mind frame, but its just the other chaos that comes with it.  Work gets way more stressful for me...Clients get more stressed out, they need me way more, they need presents, money, they need mental health  help/guidance (SO DO I!)

But on all that negativity...My favorite part of Christmas (other than the kiddos smiling at all the stuff the most definitely could have done without) are the family pictures.  I try to do them myself, so the timer and the tripod stand get their yearly workout.

Sadly this year was a struggle.  We had a hard time finding time, because of the crazy schedules!  And then it got cold.  And then we had other projects - don't get me started on the new Semi truck/Totter/Race Car Hauler - GRRRR!!!    Regardless, the 3 year old wasn't very manageable during pictures.  The husband was grumpy.  The daughter is a diva princess, and the perfectionist got no where near the perfect shot she was dreaming of.

But I'll still share a few :)

Family Photo Shot - which the lil guy's shirt was down!
He was running around everywhere - and I am running to get in the picture.  I am starting to look frazzled for sure...The best picture out of this location is the one where he is telling us that KState is #1 - with his little pointer finger up...not sure where it came from - kind of out the blue (or should I say purple) for the photo shoot...
They are pretty darn cute...when you can't hear them :)
These are some collages I put together - I am not finished with Miss Ds yet. Want to actually have her sign  the spot that has her name.   

 And the final Christmas Card...Cale's not making the best face...but it was this or the mid-drift showing shot.  Crazy part about these pictures...the train (yes, I know it's hard to see in this card) was actually moving, tooting its horn and waving.  Let me tell you how difficult that makes pictures with a 3 year old boy!  What a memory...

Happy Holidays - from the Lagroons!

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