November 1, 2012

Halloween Party Game for School

As the room mom for the Princess's First Grade Class, I get to (see how I didn't say "I have to" b/c I DID willingly take on this job on my own - lol) plan the classroom parties.  For Halloween, we did lack some parent help so the game was up to me.  After talking to some of my teacher friends, they recommended a 4 Corner type game. 
In our game, we had 4 posters with different monsters on them.  We played music for a while and the kids walked around the room like a monster.  Then when the music stopped, they had 3 seconds to get to a corner.  We then drew a card and whichever monster card was drawn, the kids in the matching corner were out of the game.  We did this till we had 1-2 people left.  The kids really liked it.
And yes, I am aware that Halloween has come and gone for the year but i still wanted to share the posters and cards with you all....For next year :)

CLICK HERE to download the Monster Posters!

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