November 1, 2012

Halloween Party Game for School

As the room mom for the Princess's First Grade Class, I get to (see how I didn't say "I have to" b/c I DID willingly take on this job on my own - lol) plan the classroom parties.  For Halloween, we did lack some parent help so the game was up to me.  After talking to some of my teacher friends, they recommended a 4 Corner type game. 
In our game, we had 4 posters with different monsters on them.  We played music for a while and the kids walked around the room like a monster.  Then when the music stopped, they had 3 seconds to get to a corner.  We then drew a card and whichever monster card was drawn, the kids in the matching corner were out of the game.  We did this till we had 1-2 people left.  The kids really liked it.
And yes, I am aware that Halloween has come and gone for the year but i still wanted to share the posters and cards with you all....For next year :)

CLICK HERE to download the Monster Posters!

Halloween - TRICK OR TREAT

Halloween is kind of a big deal for me.  I really can't tell you where it stims from, just that I absolutely love getting the kids dressed up.  It probably has to do with all the creative juices flowing to make costumes...And my kids make me proud.  Princess has always let me do my thing but the lil Mr......Well, that's not the case with him.  I know that he is my challenge when it comes to expressing my craftsy side to his freedom of speech and expression (meaning his costume choice!)
He was gun-ho to be Billy Butler (player for the KC Royals...and on this note, we aren't big Royals fans - we just took the kids to their first baseball game and he got hooked on the name Billy Butler).  Then randomly about a week out, he started announcing he wanted to be a fire en-ja....????  (aka FIRE NINJA)....what's he heck is that??  Where did that come from??  Finally he became a blue fire en-ja!  And after hitting a costume shop, I realized he means the blue power ranger.  Let me explain here that I am not nor have I ever been a fan of the Power Rangers or STORE BOUGHT COSTUMES!!!!  AHHHH!!!  But I had to come to terms with his need to express himself, to let him be his own lil person...and we compromised. 
 At a quick run to the grocery store for the $50 of candy, we ran accross a black and red ninja costume for $9.99.  That's way under half of what I had in the Billy Butler costume (which was returnable!), so I crumbled to the ground and gave in.
Here are precious lil creatures! 


I am a pretty blessed lady if you ask me!