October 18, 2012

Been Awhile....Been Busy

So it isn't that i haven't had things to blog about, it's just that i haven't had time to get my words down and get pictures organized!!!  But I've been busy!!!  And first and for most....bare with me with these pictures.  They were taken on my cell phone very late into the night (or should I say early in the morning).  My phone is junk and I was honestly too lazy to get my camera out to snap better looking pictures.  I apologize for the terrible presentation.
I got these three items finished last night!!
Two hats and Halloween Goodie Bag..
The Halloween Goodie Bag...

Made from some spare scrap cotton yarn left over from some dishclothes I made a few years back.  Sorry to say... I don't have the name of the yarn or the colors....just a lime green and regular ole purple! 
Pattern is from Lion Brand
To get the FREE pattern CLICK HERE!!

The Earflap Hat

So this thought all started from the purchase of a new coat for our Princess.  It is a really pretty teal color, which of course she had no gloves or hat to match.  She picked out this Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn in Phoenix Azalea from Walmart! (CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE) - and yes, it does have the slightest bit of teal in it.  She really wanted a fuzzy looking hat, but after searching i was unable to find a teal colored fuzzy yarn.  But instead found this purple on clearance at Hobby Lobby!!  I am all about the deals so screw that it didn't match.  I made this in just hours and she told me this morning she loves it!!!  Made my morning.  She said she like it when i make her things because there aren't any "stupid tags".  Ahhh....The Princess at her best!

Got the pattern from again...Lion Brand
To get the FREE pattern CLICK HERE!!
Ruffle Stocking


I got this pattern while looking for the teal fuzzy yarn for the earflap hat at Hobby Lobby.  It was in one of those little books (MORE THAN SOCKS - Click HERE!!!) you get with about 10 patterns in it.  It is super cute on and the Princess even like this yarn that I had hid down in my stash...Its SOCK YARN!!! Crazy what you can make with sock yarn.  I can't tell you much about the yarn again, as it was one of those bargins I got from JoAnns...I got about 5 skiens for 99 cents each!!!  And I know its Paton's Sock Yarn!!  This only took me two nights to put together and I can't wait to make another.  I want to find some neon sock yarn and whip another one out ASAP!  There is a matching scarf to make too, so maybe that will be in the group of crafts to be made.

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