September 20, 2012

The Stuff We Trip Over (Again, Again and Again)

So I'm just tired of it.  I spent all of my Tuesday night picking up my daughter's room.  I left her a sweet little note on her bulletin board explaining that because mommy and daddy love her so, we buy her so much stuff.  This stuff isn't just stuff she NEEDS but we do spoil her like crazy and buy her stuff she WANTS.  I honestly have been trying to explain the difference of need and want to our kids because I want to enstill that value in them - the value of treasuring our belongings and being grateful for all we have (as much or as little as it might be). 
So, a few weeks back...I had asked the daughter to pick up a Barbie car and a one of those Barbie heads that you do the hair and makeup on.  She didn't do it...So I put the stuff in a box outside her door in the hall (yes, another thing to trip over), and explained to her that if she could pick up some things in her room, she'd get the items back. 
GUESS WHAT .... She didn't try hard to get the items back.

(okay so these aren't my actual pictures....but you get the drift of what I am dealing with?)
So out of frustration, I started some Pinterest searching... Found this great blog.
She has apparently struggled too...
She offered this great idea....A Toy Ransom Box and the UH-OH Chore List
She takes toys left out and puts them in the box.  To get the item back, the kids must do a chore from the envelope.  She has tons of comments.  Some parents donate all the toys once they have been in there a week; some parents do this weekly.  The box has to be cleaned out by a certain day.
She has her forms availalble to download  
I am going to try it!!!  Wish me luck!!!
And of course I wanted my box to match my house, so I remade them  and put in a few of my own special chores :) 

To download my REMADE forms....CLICK HERE!!!

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