September 26, 2012

Can't Contain My Excitement - Retaining Wall

YIPPEEE!!! After living in our home for 10 years this October, we finally started to tackle the back yard.  I don't know where to start other than to say, it's a mess.  We have no grass in most of the yard.  It is slanted so that it drains towards the patio behind the house.  And no, we haven't ever had issues with water getting in the house, but it's just been a pain in our side for some time now.

So my wonderful neighbors took on their own project and started a new lawn in their backyard.   This prompted taking our chain length fence down and then a rearranging of how the previous fence was.  I have to say thanks to our wonderful neighbors because without them, I don't think we would have gotten motivated to do this!!!  SO THANK YOU!!

Regardless, here's the process of the retaining wall we built yesterday.  We ran out of the caulking adhesive we were using (short only a half dozen bricks of completion).  But can I say it...I  have a super wall and a pretty proud husband.  He will be the first to tell you, household building projects aren't his things....Give him something with a motor and he is your guy! 
Everyone is helping out!

              First row is down!

                                         Stackin them up!

Pretty close to being done!



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