September 10, 2012

Blanket in a weekend

So with the husband gone for a week, I had some nights to sit down after the kids and just crochet my little heart away.  Not that I don't do this when he is home, but I guess I needed something to keep myself busy. And it kept me out of the pantry...I am such a "boredom" eater. 

A while back, my mom picked up this Epais yarn for me from Hobby Lobby.  Two pretty large skeins (393 yards each) of a brown yarn that is really similar to homespun yarn.  I really wasn't sure what to do with it.  She had got herself some green colored and made a blanket.  I figured I could do the same, but wanted something different.  I am not a big homespun fan.  The yarn seems pretty inconsistent (some parts are super thick and some are just never know). 
Check out the clearance....Was originally $17.99 and was down to $10.79!  Bargain shopping mom!!!
So here's the finished product.
I am pretty happy with it.  This picture doesn't show it well, but the yarn made stripes.  Very soft and of course, the kids have already cuddled up with in yesterday morning.  Well it hit a cold 60 degrees - LOL!!!  And after the summer of an average near 110 degrees, we were ready to pull out jeans and sweatshirts.
And to give some credit...
from Mama's Stithcery Projects
The No Beginning Chain Bricks Afghan Pattern
She has a very different way to start a blanket while using homespun-like yarn.  I absolutely dreaded going back to start my first row after the chains, so this truly was helpful.  Very easy to read and follow too!

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