September 26, 2012

Can't Contain My Excitement - Retaining Wall

YIPPEEE!!! After living in our home for 10 years this October, we finally started to tackle the back yard.  I don't know where to start other than to say, it's a mess.  We have no grass in most of the yard.  It is slanted so that it drains towards the patio behind the house.  And no, we haven't ever had issues with water getting in the house, but it's just been a pain in our side for some time now.

So my wonderful neighbors took on their own project and started a new lawn in their backyard.   This prompted taking our chain length fence down and then a rearranging of how the previous fence was.  I have to say thanks to our wonderful neighbors because without them, I don't think we would have gotten motivated to do this!!!  SO THANK YOU!!

Regardless, here's the process of the retaining wall we built yesterday.  We ran out of the caulking adhesive we were using (short only a half dozen bricks of completion).  But can I say it...I  have a super wall and a pretty proud husband.  He will be the first to tell you, household building projects aren't his things....Give him something with a motor and he is your guy! 
Everyone is helping out!

              First row is down!

                                         Stackin them up!

Pretty close to being done!



September 25, 2012

My Scrapbook Page

I used to be much better on staying on top of scrapbooking my latest adventure with the kids...Things are crazy with 2 kids - bless your heart if you took on more. 

I go the Princess's first year done the old fashion way.  It turned out pretty stinkin good if I say so myself.  But I then made the switch to digital.  I LOVE IT!! But I have to get motivated to do more.

So here's Cale the Snails first day of Prek! One memory down, 2 million to go!

September 20, 2012

The Stuff We Trip Over (Again, Again and Again)

So I'm just tired of it.  I spent all of my Tuesday night picking up my daughter's room.  I left her a sweet little note on her bulletin board explaining that because mommy and daddy love her so, we buy her so much stuff.  This stuff isn't just stuff she NEEDS but we do spoil her like crazy and buy her stuff she WANTS.  I honestly have been trying to explain the difference of need and want to our kids because I want to enstill that value in them - the value of treasuring our belongings and being grateful for all we have (as much or as little as it might be). 
So, a few weeks back...I had asked the daughter to pick up a Barbie car and a one of those Barbie heads that you do the hair and makeup on.  She didn't do it...So I put the stuff in a box outside her door in the hall (yes, another thing to trip over), and explained to her that if she could pick up some things in her room, she'd get the items back. 
GUESS WHAT .... She didn't try hard to get the items back.

(okay so these aren't my actual pictures....but you get the drift of what I am dealing with?)
So out of frustration, I started some Pinterest searching... Found this great blog.
She has apparently struggled too...
She offered this great idea....A Toy Ransom Box and the UH-OH Chore List
She takes toys left out and puts them in the box.  To get the item back, the kids must do a chore from the envelope.  She has tons of comments.  Some parents donate all the toys once they have been in there a week; some parents do this weekly.  The box has to be cleaned out by a certain day.
She has her forms availalble to download  
I am going to try it!!!  Wish me luck!!!
And of course I wanted my box to match my house, so I remade them  and put in a few of my own special chores :) 

To download my REMADE forms....CLICK HERE!!!

September 11, 2012

Small Calendar

I needed a small calendar at my desk for work (and since I have 3 sites, that is 3 offices).  So rather than go out and buy one, I put one together on my own. 
Thought  I would share it with those of you that are interested in a small calendar - September 2012 through May 2013


September 10, 2012

Blanket in a weekend

So with the husband gone for a week, I had some nights to sit down after the kids and just crochet my little heart away.  Not that I don't do this when he is home, but I guess I needed something to keep myself busy. And it kept me out of the pantry...I am such a "boredom" eater. 

A while back, my mom picked up this Epais yarn for me from Hobby Lobby.  Two pretty large skeins (393 yards each) of a brown yarn that is really similar to homespun yarn.  I really wasn't sure what to do with it.  She had got herself some green colored and made a blanket.  I figured I could do the same, but wanted something different.  I am not a big homespun fan.  The yarn seems pretty inconsistent (some parts are super thick and some are just never know). 
Check out the clearance....Was originally $17.99 and was down to $10.79!  Bargain shopping mom!!!
So here's the finished product.
I am pretty happy with it.  This picture doesn't show it well, but the yarn made stripes.  Very soft and of course, the kids have already cuddled up with in yesterday morning.  Well it hit a cold 60 degrees - LOL!!!  And after the summer of an average near 110 degrees, we were ready to pull out jeans and sweatshirts.
And to give some credit...
from Mama's Stithcery Projects
The No Beginning Chain Bricks Afghan Pattern
She has a very different way to start a blanket while using homespun-like yarn.  I absolutely dreaded going back to start my first row after the chains, so this truly was helpful.  Very easy to read and follow too!

September 7, 2012

I Heart Faces: Summer Fun...

I am going to try something new.  I love carrying my camera around and getting pics of the kids, so when I ran across this site, I was on cloud 9.  There are so many great editing tutorials available for the everyday mom photographer.  And they have monthly contests for you to enter your photographs of.   You get comments back from the other wonderful photographers.  This months theme is Summer Fun (aka...what summer means to me).  Obviously coming from the Heartland of the USA, the sunflowers are so symbolic to summer.  When the sunflower fields are popping, you know that's the real summer time!. 
So here's my first entry ever.  Wish me luck!
For more Summer Fun images click on the link below:

Photo Challenge Submission

September 6, 2012

Clorox Pen Tshirt

So I have been wanting to do this PINTEREST idea for some time now....even went to Target and bought the Tide pen (stupid me...) and had to return it to get the Clorox pen.  I tell you if it isn't one thing, it's another. 
So things you need...
1 Clorox pen
1 TShirt (Target on sale for just over $2.00)
1 piece of cardbord - or in my case, a thick plastic bag

Honestly, I searched ideas on google to see ideas for a pattern and then I just winged it.  Place you cardboard/plastic bag in the shirt and shake up your pen.  Go CRAZY!!!  Draw your pattern out and watch for want to avoid these if possible. 

I wish I would have taken a pic of the design with the clorox on it - but once I got it on, it took about 10 minutes.  Don't forget!  Clorox does "weaken" the shirt.  I hear if you leave it on too long, it will put holes in the clothing.  You can watch the color the design is fading to best from the inside of the shirt, but this isn't the easiest thing to check out.

This  a pic of my shirt still wet....

So once the shirt has been dyed to your liking... rinse it out with cold water. 
Then wash and dry it by itself. 
And my little model strutting her stuff in her new shirt...
She had to wear it to school the morning after!

Day One

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good
I'm starting a blog.... I'm starting a blog.... 

Just wait and see how this goes!