August 19, 2013

Yes I am alive

I am here and yes alive and well - but summer hit and I just don't have a minute to sit down.  I just wanted to share these name tags I made for a friend for her kindergarten class room



February 26, 2013

Valentine Gift for Teacher...

I was trying to think of something easy to do as a class for Princess Danison's teacher.  Something that I could do at a classroom party and have it done quickly.  Valentine Day is our last class party so this is what I came up with.  Again pictures are crummy because I snapped them with my phone.  And yes, I have a high dollar wonderful camera (Thanks HUSBAND!) but the phone was there and convenient. 

I free handed the tree and the lettering....then we used the kids thumb to make hearts in the tree.  It easily could have been done in greens for a regular tree or even some fall colors... but I was trying to keep the Valentines theme going. 

What to do on a 5 day SNOWDAY weekend?

So starting last week on Wednesday the Blizzard of Oz, as my cousin in Kentucky called it, hit our town.  Really, it wasn't all that bad.  We were able to get out of the house every day (if we chose to do so).  I hear the final count on the first 2 days of snow was 11.7 inches!  We were warned we could have up to 22 inches!  Not bad....Lots of snow blowing and shoveling.  It was a nice break to have off Thursday and Friday to head into the busy weekend.

Well, being we were told that we'd get another 6-8 inches Sunday and Monday, they went ahead and cancelled school on Monday too.  Probably didn't need to be off, but who wants to be responsible to make that call!   Seriously, I can't say that a radar has been right in years!

So these days off allowed my kids some time to drive me insane, wreck the house several times, paint my kitchen table with watercolors, make snow men, go sledding, build a fort....

I think I did get 1 load of my laundry done - but the kids clothes and the towels got cleaned. We did spend one day cleaning house, so the kitchen is presentable and then Princess Dani's room is actually a place you can enter - 4 loads of laundry and 2 huge trash sacks later....

But I wanted to share the one thing I feel good about getting accomplished during the blizzard...a new baby chevron crochet blanket!

Again sorry for crummy the pics...they are from my phone and its the worst thing ever!!

Day 1....
Day 2...


I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby and a I hook.

And I got the pattern from....

February 13, 2013

Kiddos Valentines

I feel like everytime I start a blog, I have to go back and let everyone know that all is fine with the us!  I am just too busy to get on here.  I am continuint with one project after another so I might even get multiple posts done today (Yes, you should be amazed!)

So first thing first!  The kiddos' classroom Valentines!  Sorry for the bad pictures - boy am i ready for a phone upgrade - GRRR!!! That's a whole other can of worms....

Okay - these are all Pinterest's ideas... I take no credit!  I tried to pick things that my kids were into and honestly not spend $$ on silly paper Valentines with Micky Mouse and Barbie on them (sorry - no offense to either of them - I am just not a commercialized person)  :) 

Princess Danison...
Just designed the heart, printed them, glued them on pink cardstock, used some fun sissors, and stuck a pencil through them.  I did get the pencils at Oriental Trading post.  I think I got 50 pencils for around $11 and then of course there was with shipping.  (The pencils are stacking lead pencils from back in the day....They have obviously either come back around or stayed an cool thing for 1st graders)


 Mr. Cale...
Again, just whipped up the lil cover page.   On this I did make it a 4x6 page and then just made the design on the bottom 2 inches (so the design is 2x6).  We got cheap lil Kroger snack baggies and Dollar tree cars (3 cars a package for $1).  Cale had a hard time giving these cars up!  Like he doesn't have 6 million of his own!
For Our Teachers...

Came up with the little design, printed it up, cut it out, hole punch, a bottle of soap and lil bit of tulle!  That's it!!!  Soft soap was $1 at Dollar Tree...Tulle was left over from a craftying project.
So that's my post....Have a great day!

January 24, 2013

Valentine's Day Bingo


Valentines Day is just around the corner....And yes, I know - I have beena bit absent from my blog.  I have been super busy.  So many new projects!  Tons of baby blankets getting done, lots of new preemie hats (that's a new thing that i'll post about later!) 

But i wanted to take  the time to share a really neat little bingo card I created last year for my daughter's kindergarten class....for their Valentine's Day Celebration...

December 13, 2012

We are still alive.....

Yes we are still alive!!!  Things have been crazy.  We've had something to do almost every night and seems like we've been traveling every weekend!  I am definitely ready for the holiday season to be over with.

For those of you haven't been near me in the last 33 years, you might not know but I DISLIKE CHRISTMAS.  I am not sure if this comes from the sad memories of the season, or the fact that I feel it's extremely commercialized.  Don't get me wrong...I do like getting people presents.  I like to make people smile - kind of a people pleaser in that mind frame, but its just the other chaos that comes with it.  Work gets way more stressful for me...Clients get more stressed out, they need me way more, they need presents, money, they need mental health  help/guidance (SO DO I!)

But on all that negativity...My favorite part of Christmas (other than the kiddos smiling at all the stuff the most definitely could have done without) are the family pictures.  I try to do them myself, so the timer and the tripod stand get their yearly workout.

Sadly this year was a struggle.  We had a hard time finding time, because of the crazy schedules!  And then it got cold.  And then we had other projects - don't get me started on the new Semi truck/Totter/Race Car Hauler - GRRRR!!!    Regardless, the 3 year old wasn't very manageable during pictures.  The husband was grumpy.  The daughter is a diva princess, and the perfectionist got no where near the perfect shot she was dreaming of.

But I'll still share a few :)

Family Photo Shot - which the lil guy's shirt was down!
He was running around everywhere - and I am running to get in the picture.  I am starting to look frazzled for sure...The best picture out of this location is the one where he is telling us that KState is #1 - with his little pointer finger up...not sure where it came from - kind of out the blue (or should I say purple) for the photo shoot...
They are pretty darn cute...when you can't hear them :)
These are some collages I put together - I am not finished with Miss Ds yet. Want to actually have her sign  the spot that has her name.   

 And the final Christmas Card...Cale's not making the best face...but it was this or the mid-drift showing shot.  Crazy part about these pictures...the train (yes, I know it's hard to see in this card) was actually moving, tooting its horn and waving.  Let me tell you how difficult that makes pictures with a 3 year old boy!  What a memory...

Happy Holidays - from the Lagroons!

November 1, 2012

Halloween Party Game for School

As the room mom for the Princess's First Grade Class, I get to (see how I didn't say "I have to" b/c I DID willingly take on this job on my own - lol) plan the classroom parties.  For Halloween, we did lack some parent help so the game was up to me.  After talking to some of my teacher friends, they recommended a 4 Corner type game. 
In our game, we had 4 posters with different monsters on them.  We played music for a while and the kids walked around the room like a monster.  Then when the music stopped, they had 3 seconds to get to a corner.  We then drew a card and whichever monster card was drawn, the kids in the matching corner were out of the game.  We did this till we had 1-2 people left.  The kids really liked it.
And yes, I am aware that Halloween has come and gone for the year but i still wanted to share the posters and cards with you all....For next year :)

CLICK HERE to download the Monster Posters!